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Coming Soon!

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As an artist at heart, I am always creating, drawing, crafting, designing, and more. Although my shop is now officially closed, I will keep this site up for the time being, while I convert it to a gallery.


Melody Nguyen

The Artist Behind

Melody Nguyen Boutique

I am an artist at heart.

Always creating, drawing, crafting, designing, and more. It has always been a dream of mine to share my art with the world. So here is some art from my heart.

You can't spell "HEART" without "ART" after all.  

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quality Jewelry Findings & Components

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All jewelry findings and components (Pendants/connectors/charms/beads/etc.) are carefully inspected individually by me. I try my best to select quality components knowing that it will be an accent for any occasion. Whether for home, school, work, weddings, events, etc., these pieces will accompany you through your journey in life and I hope that you will have unforgettable happy memories along the way.

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