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What Inspired the Dare to Dream Collection

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

The Dare to Dream Collection is my first official collection going live on July 21st 2021. It holds a very important place in my heart as an artist and creator. I have dreamt of becoming an artist from a very young age, inspired by my talented family members who were jacks of all trades as well as skilled crafters and artists, and I am excited to share these works of art with you!

How it All Came to Be

My grandfather was an artist, engineer/mechanic, carpenter, and much more. I spent much of my time as a child, watching him work with wood, fabric, and metal to create various things like tables, chairs, and even a swing. He could fix anything, and had an incredible mind for numbers and calculations. He sparked my curiosity and imagination when it came to building and crafting. And even though he left this world on April 16th 2014, I am still inspired by his creative spirit. I only wish to bring happiness and joy to others through my works, just as his creations brought me happiness and joy growing up.

My grandmother was also very crafty. Her resourcefulness and creativity knows no bounds. Her precision with a sewing machine never ceases to amaze me. She can understand how an outfit was made just by looking at it! As with my grandfather, I also spent a good portion of my childhood helping my grandmother sew. I am not as talented as she is, but I do occasionally sew items by hand and grew to love designing outfits and accessories inspired by many outfits that she designed herself.

My mother, a combination of the two, was not only an excellent painter, but a creative problem solver. She always found creative ways to spark our imagination and keep my siblings and I occupied through storytelling and crafting. She taught me different types of stitching, as well as how you can use cooked sticky rice as an impromptu glue for paper crafts. She encouraged me to branch out into many different interests from engineering, mechanics, cooking, dancing, and so much more.

I was fortunate enough to have friends who inspired and encouraged me throughout my life. I would not be who I am today without my family and friends who have inspired me to pursue my dream to be an artist.

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