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The Artist Behind Melody Nguyen Boutique

"I am an artist at heart & you can't spell heart without art"
-Melody Nguyen

From a very young age

I knew that I wanted to create something

and share it with the world.

That being an artist and creator

would be a passion of mine,

and that pursuing this dream

was key to my happiness.

I began to dream of becoming an artist

And that dream sparked my imagination.

This imagination fueled ideas.

These ideas gave birth to projects

These projects grew into a hobby

My hobby became what it is today.

So here I am.

I am Melody Nguyen

the Artist and Creator

Behind this Boutique

and I hope to bring you

Joy and Happiness

through my any creations

just as they have

brought me joy and happiness

while creating and designing them

Thank you for visiting

Melody Nguyen Boutique!

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